Travel Documents: Canadian citizens need either a U.S. or Canadian passport to enter Canada by air (or by land)

This post is a reminder for Canadian citizens traveling outside of Canada who wish to return to Canada by air! YOU NEED THE RIGHT KIND OF “TRAVEL DOCUMENT” TO RETURN […]

Global Entry, NEXUS and the effect of renouncing US citizenship

This is another post in what is becoming a series about “travel documents” for U.S. and Canadian citizens and permanent residents. To travel the world you need to be able […]

Although a "reentry permit" can provide evidence of intention to reside permanently in the USA, it does ask about tax returns!

#GreenCard holders wishing to apply for a "Reentry Permit" will find this question about tax returns of interest — John Richardson – Counsellor for US persons abroad (@ExpatriationLaw) […]

Beyer, Titus Introduce Tax Simplification for Americans Abroad Act – September 2023

Introduction and initial reactions Join us for the discussion tomorrow! How the party of #FATCA promises to make life easier for US expats. Join us for the discussion live at […]

NY Congressman Brian Higgins Draws Attention To The Injustice Of Citizenship Taxation By Challenging Canada’s Underused Housing Tax

Introduction @RepBrianHiggins launches campaign seeking "carve out" from Canada's @VacantHomeTax for US citizens. He argues that this CDN tax (based on citizenship) violates US/CAN tax treaty and #USMCA. What about […]

US Residents Who Own Residential Property In Canada May Be Subject To Various Vacant And Underused Property Taxes

Introduction And Purpose 'Great for landlords, horrible for renters': How a runaway rental market has become Toronto's latest housing nightmare — Penalty Taxes On Vacant, Empty Or Underused Homes […]

Part 1: Mr. FBAR’s Civil Penalty – 5321(a)(5): Evolution – The Wonder Years, Those Teenaged Years, Young Adult, To Mature Thug

This Is Post 1 in a series of posts describing the statutory and regulatory history of Mr. FBAR. These posts are organized on the page “The Little Red FBAR Book“.* […]

The State Department Should Allow For US Citizenship Renunciations To Take Place By Video

This post has been co-authored by Diane Gelon* (see “Reflections Of An Expatriation Lawyer“) and John Richardson Prologue From @HelenBurggraf: "As AAA announces its new legal challenge to go ahead, […]