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Around the world in 192 pages: Experiences of #Americansabroad in an #FBAR and #FATCA world

Here it is:


This is one of seven parts of the Richardson Kish submissions to the Senate Finance Committee in April of 2015. I thank Patricia Moon for her unbelievable effort in putting this document together!

And speaking of Americans abroad in an FBAR and FATCA world, you might like to read:

The message is:

When In Rome, Live As A Homelander


John Richardson


Part 27: What God Hath Wrought – The #FATCA Inquisition (Review, Identify and Report on “U.S. Persons”) – The @ADCSovereignty lawsuit #lawstudents edition



Relinquish or renounce U.S. citizenship – The course

U.S. Citizenship – Where taxation and citizenship intersect

“Relinquish or renounce U.S. citizenship – The Course”

What: Relinquish or Renounce U.S. Citizenship – The Course

Who: John Richardson – Toronto Lawyer – Specializing in “solving the problems of U.S. citizenship” and the relinquishment of U.S. citizenship


Toronto, Canada – Saturday October 1/16 – 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Where: Toronto Downtown – Exact address TBA

Cost: $500 per attendee plus taxes

Enrollment limited to 10 participants!

Why would you participate in this seminar?

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Taxation of #Americansabroad: @Thunfinancial Wall Street Journal Op-Ed follows article from @SaundersWSJ

The above tweet references an Op-Ed by Thun Financial’s David Kuenzi which recently appeared in the Wall Street Journal. This is a nicely done article which adds reinforcement to the excellent journalism by the Wall Street Journal’s Laura Saunders and Liam Pleven which appeared in the Wall Street Journal on June 18, 2014 and (discussing the new IRS Streamlined procedures) on  June 19, 2014. 

(The new Streamline Procedures were discussed by various “stakeholders” extensively:

The OVDP and  Streamlined Historians – Perspectives  of various Americans Abroad:

– at the Isaac Brock Society here and here

– by American Citizens abroad here

The second citizenship advocates:

– by Mark Nestmann here

The accounting firms:

– from Frank Hirth (U.K. based) here

The “What is non-willfull” group  here:

– by Stephen Mopsick here and earlier here

– by Patrick Martin here

– more by Patrick Martin here

– by Jack Townsend here

– by Robert Steinberg (particularly good analysis) here

The “Technicians” AKA “who is streamlined intended for” here:

– by Moodys here

– by Virgina La Torre Jeker here

– by Jack Townsend here

– by Robert Steinberg here)

Those who recognize that citizens of certain countries may have a second level of “home country specific issues” (Iran):

– by Virginia La Torre Jeker here

The Logistics – How to manage Streamlined “conFORMity”:

– by Virginia La Torre Jeker here

Interestingly both Mr. Kuenzi (as a presenter) and Ms. Saunders (as a journalist) attended the recent conference on U.S. Citizenship-based taxation conference which was held at the University of Toronto on May 2, 2014. The Toronto citizenship-based taxation Conference was a great success. Those interested can read: Thoughts and reflections on the Toronto Conference on the taxation of Americans abroad in the 21st century.

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#Americansabroad: Thoughts on the May 2/14 Toronto Conference on CBT vs. RBT – #FATCA #FBAR

The May 2, 2014 Toronto Conference on U.S. citizenship-based taxation was a great success. As the ACA Global announcement of results describes the morning and afternoon had separate themes and participants.

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