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New instructions to book Canada appointments to relinquish or renounce US citizenship

Updates – December 2016:




It appears that the demand to renounce U.S. citizenship continues to grow.

For those who want to  book appointments to relinquish or renounce U.S. citizenship in Canada:

  1. These new instructions have recently taken effect.
  2. In order to book an appointment you email: CanadaCLNInquiries@state.gov
  3. You will receive a reply that includes (see below)
  4. Note that you are not permitted to have an “attorney” with you at the appointment
  5. You must also complete the questionnaire which is here:


(Canada seems to NOTcontinue require Form 4079 to RENOUNCE an issue that I have discussed here.) Form 4079 is used for RELINQUISHMENTS.

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